Saturday, February 19, 2011


Most of us take for granted our freedom to move about without hinderances and boundaries affecting us.  We make plans without considering or consulting others.

After 28 years of incarceration, I don't take anything ( including freedom) for granted anymore.  Having been confined to a restricted area for months and years at a time, I now enjoy the liberty of just going to the neighborhood store.

Being able to function (move about) with liberality causes me offer up praises to GOD for this most cherished (freedom) gift !!

My friends, be thankful and never give up your freedom by committing ONE THOUGHTLESS ACT !!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Choose you this day

As I awakened on the anniversary of the crime I committed 30 years ago which also coincided with my birthday, I felt a wave of sadness when remembering the pain caused by my decision to rob a store owner.

While wallowing in the fact that so many lives were altered by my actions, I heard my inner voice saying, "choose you this day the path you will travel."  I could live in the past or continue to help, encourage, and direct those in similiar situations towards a path of righteousness and a brighter tomorrow.

My choice is to build a brighter tomorrow- what's yours?