Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful…so very thankful…

In my book, “From One Thoughtless Act,” I rarely discuss the trait of being thankful. For certain I’ve thanked my son, my mother and all my family and friends who provided support throughout my 28-year incarceration. But in the truest meaning of being thankful – I’m just coming to know what that means.

You see, this past Thursday I shared meals and laughter with family and friends – as we all should do. Those are things that make life worth living. But we should all be grateful and thankful for every single day of our lives, knowing that not all of us were blessed to see “this day.”

So from this respect, I guess I am still growing, still maturing, still pressing on to perfection. Yes, my life, like everyone’s, is a constant struggle in becoming better than we are. Better today than we were yesterday.

And today, I am truly thankful to know the difference.

…yes, these days I am truly thankful…

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