Monday, July 11, 2011

The Humanitarian

Today I had the honor and privilege of seeing a great man (Howard L. Johnson) eulogized and laid to rest.
Howard transitioned from this earthly life to eternity on July 6, 2011 after a lengthy illness; he was only 45 years of age.
Like myself, Howard spent many years residing away from family and friends.  While living in other parts of  the state, this man opened and operated housing for the less fortunate.
With the Understanding of the extent of his illness, Howard didn't quit his service to humanity until his last breath was taken.
To most of the family, he was just plain ole Howard, but to the less fortunate, he's their hero.
A great person does extraordinary things without boasting or fanfare - Howard was that person.
As a friend and family member, this man will be missed by me, but I'll always remember him as a fighter, innovator, and a humanitarian.
Truly, this was a GREAT man !!!!

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